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Cryptozoic Releasing DC Deck Building Game: Green Lantern vs Sinestro

Green Lantern vs Sinestro

Fans of deck building games need to check out what will be coming down the road.

Cryptozoic and Warner Brothers have joined forced to continue their DC Deck Building Rivals line with an upcoming Green Lantern vs Sinestro set.

We were already a fan of previous games Cryptozoic put out, like Ghostbusters II, and have been experimenting with other deck building games.

This two player game will pit each player against each other in a battle of wits. They will take on the role of Green Lantern or Sinestro and start off on an even playing field. But as the game progresses, their deck will changed based on the decisions they make.

The set will include the following;

  • 60 Main Deck Cards
  • 14 Punch Starter Cards
  • 6 Vulnerability Starter Cards
  • 8 Hard-Light Construct Cards
  • 10 Weakness Cards
  • 6 Oversized DC Character Cards
  • Rulebook



This set will be compatible with DC Deck-Building Game: Confrontations, DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals — Batman vs. The Joker, and other Cerberus Engine games.

We like the direction there took with this deck building games since it is focusing on a pair of rivals from the DC universe that makes sense.

You can expect to see Green Lantern vs Sinestro  out by the end of 2018.

Would you consider picking up the DC Deck Building Game Green Lantern vs Sinestro?

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