Cuphead Pop Figures Coming Soon

Cuphead Pop Figures

Cuphead is represented well by Funko with their Pop figures.

The newest addition to their video game line, Cuphead Pop Figures, celebrates a game with a set of unique characters you could not even imagine.

The video game is based on two brothers who stumbled across the Devil’s casino and end up losing their souls in a game of craps.

Now they need to venture out into Inkwell Isles to recover Soul contracts to get their own back.

This line follows similar ones we have seen in the past, like Bendy or Hello Neighbor. The following characters will be available in the upcoming release.

  • Mugman
  • King Dice
  • The Devil
  • Legendary Chalice

Here are the rest of the Cuphead Pop figure collection.

We have to say that we like the look of these figures. Our favorite one of the bunch is King Dice. Though JG13 Gamer thinks it reminds him of Walt Disney because of the mustache.

These newest figures from Funko should be available before Spring arrives so keep an eye out for them.

Are you going to pick up any of these Cuphead Pop Figures?

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