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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Custom Card Game: Brainstorming Phase

Power Boy and I have decided to test our creative abilities and come up with our own custom card game.

Right now, we are in the brainstorming phase where we are trying to decided the basic premise of the game, along with the general game play.

We have a few different ideas we are working from and taking inspiration from some of our favorite aspects of other card games.

The first thing we learned about making a custom card game is there are a ton of details we need to come up with.

So far we have been able to come up with a system of two distinct sides and have them work off each other. For now, we are going with a ying-yang approach and will have groups of four on each side.

We also have a working plan on how many cards we need to create and a breakdown of what types of cards and how many for each we want.

We are trying to add a resource system to the game to make it a different kind of a challenge but we are getting bogged down in some of the finer nuances. .

Of course the easy thing is getting the ideas down on paper or so they say. We still have plenty to brainstorm before we can dive headfirst into the developmental stages.

While we can not give away all of the details, be sure to check back on the status of our custom card game.

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