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Customer Service at Guild of Blades?

Guild of Blades Michigan

Normally I do not complain about services as businesses. Owners go through a lot and customers can be rude. That changed after our latest trip to Guild of Blades in Madison Heights, MI.

We had been to the store on a few occasions and were optimistic that we had found an ideal spot to shop for some of our gaming needs. That is until one day my wife and son went in to pick up a used video game MechAssault.
It was an Xbox game and the owner had told my wife it was not going to work on the Xbox360. We decided to take a chance on it because a friend of ours was using the same game.  He had told my wife that if it did not work on our system, we could return it for a refund within 3 days. If we returned it within 4-7 days, we would receive a store credit.

Well sure enough, the owner was right and it did not work. I brought the game back the next morning to let him know he was right and asked if we could return it. I said I would be fine even with a store credit because we were going to spend some more money there.

He said it would be fine and started to process the return. He stopped once he looked at the disc and said he couldn’t return it because he would have never sold the disc that way. He said we must have done something to it in the short amount of time we had it.

Beyond frustrated with this, I told him all we did was place it in our system, try it once then put it back in the case. He didn’t change his mind. I made the decision to cancel the rewards membership I have with them and asked them to remove us from the monthly newsletter.

To add insult to injury, when I went home to let my wife know, she mentioned the owner knew how the disc looked. He commented on how he thought the previous owner tried to clean it with some kind of oil.

This is just the icing on the cake and serves as a reminder to steer clear of them unless you know you are not going to have any issues with the product they are selling.

The mere fact that the game cost $7 is not what bugs me, it is that he called us liars by saying we did something to a game that he should have never been selling in the first place.

Lesson learned sir, so no more business from us or anyone else we can come in contact with. <Steps down from soap box>

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