DC Adding New Characters to Icons Line

Darkseid with Wonder Woman & More.

Thanks to IGN, we have come across some of the new characters fans can expect to see added to Icons line by DC.

The action figure line for DC already boasts well over 100 plus character creations from the DC Universe.

What is even more interesting is the choices DC made when they decided to add some new figures to the line. Perhaps it may have to do with some foreshadowing from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Either way, here are the characters being added to Icons Line and what they are being based on.

Darklseid & Grail

Wonder Woman (Amazo Virus)

Cyborg (Justice League – Forever Evil)

Deathstroke (The Judas Contract)

Swamp Thing (Dark Genesis)

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman


Swamp Thing























We like some of the design choices for these new characters. The ones at the top of our lists are Cyborg and Swamp Thing.

Overall, some good choices were made to help increase the line of DC Icons and we can expect the suggested retail price to be around $24.99.

Are you looking forward to picking up any of these new characters for DC Icons Line?

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