DC Comics Dice Master Batman Coming in May

Dcie Master Batman

Dice games can be a fun way to enjoy an evening, even better when a company like WizKids can  put a new twist on it for you.

This time, WizKids has decided to focus on the Dark Knight and created the DC Comics Dice Master Batman set which is nearing the release date.

We have already taken a look at other Dice Master games for Spider-man and Deadpool, so we were curious to see what they have in store for Batman.

This expansion will help bring the Batman and his Rogues Gallery to your table. Each foil pack will contain two cards and two dice to add to your Dice Masters collection.

There will be over 30 heroes and villains you can find to help build your packs.

If you are a fan of the Dark Knight, make sure to check out the DC Comics Dice Master Batman when it comes out.

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