DC Lego Build: Batman’s Prison Mech Suit

Power Boy and I had the chance to attend the monthly Lego club meeting this past weekend and we had a blast.

The concept for the Lego builders was to create a prison to hold some of the most dangerous criminals from the DC universe.

Instead of opting to make the standard prison, Power Boy wanted to make a mech that was responsible for capturing the prisoners, along with serving as a temporary prison.

He created Batman’s Prison Mech Suit to complete the job.

The mech suit comes with a dual laser arm capable of slicing through any material known to man. The other arms comes with a grappling claw that can ensnare its target and keep them secure. Only Superman would have a chance of breaking free.

In addition, there is a fully reinforced portable jail cell located on the back of the mech and there is a gunner spot on top for an additional support Batman brings with him.

Batman’s Prison Mech Suit

Of course we know, he likes to work alone.

While we had fun with this DC build, Power Boy is looking forward to April when we will be returning to participate in a Marvel build.

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