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DC Studio: Is Amanda Waller The Right Choice?

The one constant over the recent DC films.

Amanda Waller has continued to crop up, including the most recent film, Black Adam, which made most people curious.

Marvel also had an ongoing theme to link all of their earlier movies together, Nick Fury. He proved to be the lynch pin when the Avengers needed a push in the right direction.

The upcoming DC films could us this as well, but there is no denying that Waller is not a carbon copy of Nick Fury.

This is where we see a problem arising.

Waller is not always on the up and up. She has shown a lack of concern for the common man and is not above blackmailing someone to do her bidding. This type of character is one we think Batman and others would not want to work with.

But yet, we see Waller brining in Superman at the end of Black Adam.

The problem is, she has not shown any redeemable qualities yet. This is something that can change over the course their master plan. Perhaps there is a moment when she sees the error of her decisions and have a change of heart.

Or maybe she remains in place as a way to keep the heroes in line. It was not needed before, but who knows what will take place. Or she takes a turn and becomes a villain

Either way, it is an interesting choice. Time will tell if Waller is the right choice.

What do you think of Amanda Waller being the centerpiece of the movies?

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