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D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG Is Worth Your Time

D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG

Text based games may sound slow but you should not over look them.

We broke back into the genre with the D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG by Delight Games and we are extremely glad that we did.

Mobile games can keep you invested like SWGOH or will find you deleting all signs of Raid Shadow Legends before the week is over. This time, we wanted to try something different when it came to mobile games.

That lead us to this text based games and this is the one that caught our eye.

They have different scenarios set up and start off the with the Wizard’s choice. Here you are left to your own wits and make the decisions to steer the course of action. As you move forward with the adventure, you earn coins while protecting your life pool and conserving your mana. If you make it to the end of the adventure in one piece, don’t fret. There will be another one waiting for you.



It took a few tries, but we were addicted to the game on the first night. The set up reminds us of those old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books where you could decide which path to take. We enjoyed the face that the best choices were not always obvious. The last thing we wanted is to have things laid out for us and no real thought involved.

There are in-game ads, but there are not obtrusive like in other games. There were other paths to take, like the Rogue’s or Ranger’s choice, but we have not unlocked them yet. We expect that to change by the end of Summer. This is a laid back game and perfect for the casual gamer to pick up.

You can see what else Delight Games has to offer on the Google Play page

If you had a chance to try out D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG, let us know what you think.

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