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Deadpool 2: More to Pool Than We Thought

Deadpool 2

The Merc with a mouth has our attention now.

Deadpool 2 was not going to be able to sneak in under the radar like the first movie so there was a lot for the sequel to live up to.

When this movie came to the silver screen in 2016, it opened a whole new world of hero movies and gave us ones like Logan. We all knew a sequel was in the works and here we are two years later.

The movie follow-ups up the surprise hit as we follow our hero through some new challenges to overcome. We will do our best to keep the review spoiler free for the most part.

There several positives about the second installment of Deadpool.

The main attraction, Deadpool, was front and center and the reason the movie is a success. He is the perfect combination of Spidey’s wit and Logan’s violence.

One of the more surprising scenes was X-Force and what transpired with them. We were shocked but also realized it made sense at the same time.

Personally I was glad to see more involvement with Colossus. He has and will always be one of my favorite super heroes for several reasons. I think his fighting was more fluid and not so stiff. It was great to see him go up against a perfect villain.

But there were some negatives with the movie.

Sometimes the running gag seemed to go on for too long. The Winnie the Pooh scene in particular. After the first 30 seconds or so, it felt like they should have moved on from it.

Another issue we had with the movie is sometimes it felt like two different movies. It would shift from a raunchy comedy to a movie with a more serious tone. Deadpool was able to save it but still at times it felt off.

The movie is worth seeing in the theater and should not be missed, but never fear. This is one of the movies you can pick up on DVD and see it several times with the same impact.

If you had a chance to see Deadpool 2, let us know what you thought.

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