Defenders of the Earth Series 1 by NECA Is a Must

Defenders of the Earth Series 1

The 1980’s cartoon is brought to life.

NECA created the  Defenders of the Earth Series 1 action figures which are sure to bring the kid out in you.

The toy company has been close to our hearts thanks to the work they did on lines like Godzilla so we were curious what they were able to cook up for this one.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the classic cartoon and toy line, NECA is proud to present these 7″ scale action figures. The Series 1 Assortment includes Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Ming the Merciless.
Each comes with character specific accessories in collector-friendly window box packaging.


There have been some figures released over the years based on older cartoons that should have never seen the light of day This one is different and in a very good way.

NECA made the right decision going forward with a more modern look to the figures as opposed to looking like it was made thirty plus years ago.  The added bonus has to be the SFX they added for the weapons to create more dramatic scenes. 

We are definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. You can find these figures at NECA or your favorite local toy retailer.

Would you consider picking up any of the  Defenders of the Earth Series 1 figures by NECA?



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