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Detective Pikachu Review: Better Catch It

Detective Pikachu Review

Pikachu comes to the big screen and it is a welcomed sight.

The popular card/video game came alive in the big screen adaptation and it was natural to wanted to share our Detective Pikachu review.

Though our biggest connection to the franchise was Pokemon Go, we were curious about how this movie was going to play out.

Similar movies in the past have been more miss than hit, but based on the trailers, they captured out attention. As a result, we added it to our Must See Movies of 2019.

Now on to the spoiler free Detective Pikachu Review.

First off the CGI behind the Pokemon, especially Pikachu, was spot on. You see the favorite Pokemon in various ways and each time it is believable.

Also, they were spot on with getting Ryan Reynolds voice for the character. He has learn to portray a lot through his voices thanks to his role as Deadpool.

The supporting character did a solid role in h film and made sure they were not the weak points.

That being said, there were a few things we were not a fan of.

The plot is average at best and we both felt it was weighted down when it comes to the use of Mewtwo. We won’t go into why, but we felt there was some missed opportunity.

JG13 Gamer also felt another part that was off was main character’s Dad. While he did enjoy the use of the character, the conclusion to his arc was one that felt too common.

In the end, Detective Pikachu is a must see for any fans of the series but it is one you can wait until it exits the theater.

If you have had a chance to see it, share with us your own Detective Pikachu Review.

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