Diamond Select To Release a Marvel Retro Deadpool Action Figure

Diamond Select is to released a Marvel Retro Deadpool action figure in the Spring of 2016 and this is going to some folks really happy.

The Merc with a Mouth action figure is going to stand 8 inches and will feature two outfits. The modernize suit and head along with a X-Force outfit with an unmasked head. Oh there are going to be plenty of swords and guns to equip him with. Also the figure will be able to fit in the other costumes of the other Marvel retro figures.

This figure should be on on your shelf soon after the Deadpool movie hits theaters. While it remains to be seen how the movie will do, you can go wrong with this Deadpool action figure in your collection.

The cost for the Deadpool action figure set will be $80 and there are only going to be 3,000 sets made.


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