Diamond Select Toys will feature HCF Godzilla Vinimate Figures

HCF Godzilla Vinimate Figures

Godzilla and the Halloween Comic Fest go hand in hand.

Diamond Select Toys wanted to celebrate the king with his own HCF Godzilla Vinimate figures and that means they probably have our money.

This toy company can be a hit or miss depending on which direction they take. They have their minimates line or their collectible statues like the Batman series.

Based on their past history we were wary but since the King of the Monsters and Halloween Comic Fest was involved, there was no way we were going to skip it.

The company is releasing two HCF Godzilla Vinimate figures.

  • 1954 Godzilla
  • MechaGodzilla

The Godzilla figure is the perfect representation of the King of the Monsters. We love the depiction of this version and the simple color scheme works well.

We are less enthused with the MechaGodzilla. We understand why they went with a darker color scheme but we are not a fan of it.

Keep an eye on Diamond Select Toys pages for more information as Halloween Comic Fest approaches.

Are you going to try and pick up the limited run of HCF Godzilla Vinimate Figures?

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