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Disney Mirrorverse Could Have Been Better

Disney Mirrorverse

Mobile games can be a tricky thing, even for Disney.

The Disney Mirrorverse, latest action RPG by Kabam Gam Inc will find its way onto your mobile device and into some of your hearts. 

Combat is an essential component in any action RPG here you will find a unique experience.

Each Guardian falls into one of four self-explanatory categories—Ranged, Support, Melee and Tank. A nice touch here is that characters are kept true to their nature. 

The controls are simple and the chapters and battles are just the right length. The key to your growth in the game is Orbs as you can use them to purchase crystals or upgrades throughout. 



On the positive side, the game did an amazing job of bringing in existing characters and developing their own unique style. The game becomes really intriguing when you are able to play with 3 characters on the battlefield.

As with most mobile games, things can become tedious at times. That can be bypassed by creating those dream teams.

This is where we take a turn to the negative. Certain characters are going to be hard to get and sometime it feels impossible. Of course, opening your wallet can help fix that.

Overall, the game is fun and an easy way to kill some time during the day.

In the end, while we know companies need to make money, sometimes they should not take the same path as Capital Games.

If you had a chance to play Disney Mirrorverse, let us know what you thought.

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