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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Different But Good

Magic and family is the key.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness continues the drive of the MCU – Phase 4 but was the direction it took worth it?

There was some concern when it was mentioned Sam Raimi was returning to the super hero world, but bringing the horror edge with him.

No one was sure of what to expect. Would it be more like Spider-Man No Way Home, or would it harken back to the earlier days of the MCU.

On to our review, where the spoilers will be minimal at best.

Raimi was the right choice to direct this movie.  He was able to meld both Marvel and the horror genre into a movie we loved from start to finish. The movie felt unique and not as formulaic as previous MCU movies, well most of the time. Even better was the nod to his Evil Dead series through out the film. 

Hands down, one of our favorite scenes was a battle of magic by way of music. There was something watch how notes and chords were brought to life and turned into weapons.

There were a few things we were not so fond of.

Part of what made the first three phases incredible was the buildup over time to the showdown with Thanos. We don’t have some big bad here, or at least an obvious one. This made the movie feel like a solo Doctor Strange film, which is good in our book. Some other fans may feel less than happy with it.

One minor thing was the meeting between Doctor Strange and Wanda at the steps of Kamar-Taj. It felt weird with both of them floating toward one another. Honestly, it might felt better if it started on the ground, then it took to the air. But this is a personal preference.

Overall, this is a movie you should catch in the theaters if you are a fan of the good doctor or Sam Raimi. 

Let us know what you have thought of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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