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Doctor Strange Review: Sorcerer Supreme Reigns

Doctor Strange Review

Doctor Strange is arrogant and may be the most powerful wizard in the Marvel universe. Is it enough to find success on the big screen?

We had a chance to see Marvel’s newest addition to their immense task and wanted to share our thoughts with the Doctor Strange review.

Over the years, we have seen more popular characters, like Captain America and Thor, find success while others like the Hulk have been muddled. We were not sure how bringing the sorcerer to the big screen was going to play out.

While we did not see it in IMAX theaters, we have heard this is the way to go. Before we forget, there are two post credit scenes so make sure to stay until the end. You do not want to miss them.

We will keep the Doctor Strange review spoiler free.

At first glance the movie is by the numbers. We get a quick intro into the life of Stephen Strange then we see the path he takes towards becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. We see the quasi bad guys who have a perverted view and the real bad guy, Dormammu.

The big difference is thew sheer enormity of the special effects used to create the movie. Doctor Strange works in the mystical realm and Marvel does their best to make you believe it exists.

We all know Robert Downey Jr is the perfect Iron Man, well Benedict Cumberbatch is the ideal Strange. He has the right bead on the character and plays it to perfection. He is the reason the ending scene was a success on two levels.

One of the negatives we saw was with the Astral Projection scenes. On the surface they were pretty cool but we saw some continuity issues with the fight scenes. Some times the characters would go through objects but other times they would not. We are sure there is probably a good explanation for this but we did not see it.

We were also disappointed in some of the magic being cast. The issue we had was not the outcome but more of the process to get there. There was little of Strange using the incantations to get the magic to work but rather gestures.

Overall, the movie was a welcome addition to the Marvel Universe. The mystical world does it’s job and brings you into the fold while you are kept grounded by the supporting characters. This movie has the chance to earn one of the top three spots in the Marvel solo movie ventures.

You know ours so now it is time to share your own Doctor Strange review with us.

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