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Does It Matter if The Flash Erases the Snyderverse?

The Flash movie spurred a curious debate this week.

Some outlets were saying the movie will play an active role and erases the Snyderverse from the DCEU.

The word was it would see the end of Superman and Batman as we know it.

Honestly this is something we expect to see happen at some point. This made sense since it seemed Warner Bros has wanted to move on from the set DECU and is going in a new direction.

Just look at some of the movies coming down the road for DCEU, including the animated Super Pets. We think the head honchos want to move into a new revenue stream.

Even though we are not huge fans of Snyder’s work in the DCEU, there are folks who do enjoy his approach.

They made their voice known and got to see what should have remained lost to the vaults. We are glad they had a chance to see this.

But time has a funny way of affection the direction companies take and Warner Bros is no exception. The Flash movie could be the perfect way for them to move on with a newer version of the Justice League and bring in a new audience. 

In the end, we think if The Flash movie does erase part of the Snyderverse, we don’t think it will be more of a whimper. This feels more like certain parties making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Do you think it matters if The Flash erases the Snyderverse?

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