Don’t Miss Marvels Hubsnap Video Challenge

Marvel HubSnaps

Click’em, Flip’em, Stck’em.

NECA is offering a video contest challenge to help support the release of their Marvels Hubsnap.\ with over $11,000 in prizes.

Marvel’s heroes and villains have come to battle in the newest creation from NECA.

If you do not have any Marvel Hubsnaps or have not see any out, you can visit their Facebook fan page and have a free pack sent to you with a simple sign-up.

Once you have created your video, post it on Youtube and make sure to use the hashtag #hubsnapsvideocontest.

Here is a breakdown of the prize pool

  • Grand Prize (Favorite Video) $10,000
  • Second Place (Funniest Video) $1,000
  • Third Place (Bets Kid’s Video <18) $500

You can find out more about Marvels Hubsnap challenge by heading over to NECA.

We have not decided what angle we are going to take for our entry but with a deadline of April 29,2016 we do have some time to figure it out. Just not too much.

Good luck to anyone who enters in Marvels Hubsnap Video Challenge.

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