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Don’ts For Mortal Kombat 12

A few things we prefer not to see this time around.

Our Don’ts For Mortal Kombat 12 may feel familiar from prior Mortal Kombat games, but doesn’t change our mind.

The Mortal Kombat series is continuing on but little is known the direction they want to take. We wanted to revisit what we hoped didn’t carry over from MK 11.

These are a few things we are hoping don’t show up again.

Rehashing Old Storylines

Though the game is not known for it’s amazing stories, we have grown tired of seeing the same ones recycled. We would love to see a new take.

Perhaps a visit back in time to where we get to play a new cast of characters and see how things played out to the original story line.


There are some fan favorite characters who have not been around in some time. These are some character who should not be kept out.

We would love to see the return of Reptile to the roster. He has been a favorite of ours since he first appeared.

Goro is another one who we would love to get our hands on again. Just do something about the one move Sheeva exploited in 11.

Guest Characters

Everyone loves the introduction of the guest character, but the problem with the Mortal Kombat series is they have grown stale.

Enough of the horror movie characters. Either they break the game or they are so lack luster that they are barely a blip. Worse are the ones we are constantly teased with. (Ash).

Personally we would rather see a fighting game based solely on horror movie icons.

We would be over the moon if some of these things do not come true, but they are probably not enough to keep us from buying the game.

Do you have any Don’ts For Mortal Kombat 12?

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