Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie is a Good Thing

Crunchy Roll stepped up but did it pay off.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie global release delivered in spades when it opened up, something fans should be excited for.

The Dragon Ball franchise has a devoted fan base but it is not often seen for those on the outside. They are sometimes dismissed as fringe movies at best. 

This successful release has shown Dragonball is still a heavy hitter.

This was the first major movie since 2018 and it showed theaters that there is a market for similar movies.

Will this lead to other franchises jumping on?

The One Piece film: Red will have a US theatrical release Fall 2022. While this may not carry the same cache as Dragonball, there is a chance for another decent showing.

Only time will tell if this move helped jump start a new trend or ends up being a flash in the pan.

Do you think Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie will help other similar franchises along?

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