Dragon Ball Z Pop Figures Coming Soon

Dragon ball Z Pop Figures

There’s only one certainty in life. New Pop figures.

Funko is extending their Pop! Animation lineup with the creation of the Dragon ball Z Pop Figures that are sure to capture your attention.

Being fans of pop culture, we love taking a look at Pop figures that will be must haves. Just like the new Stranger Things figures, we are sure some of the following will be sought after.

The following characters made the cut.

  • Training Vegeta
  • Trunks
  • Piccolo
  • Mecha Frieza
  • Krillin with Destructo Discs
  • Bulma
  • Android 16

Here are a few images of the Dragon ball Z Pop Figures.

Overall we dig the look of the Pop Figures. They captured the essence of the characters with their poses.

If we had to go with a favorite, we would pick either Android 16 or Krillin with Destructo Discs. They both have some extra that stand out to us.

There is no deadline for release, so keep an eye out on your favorite Pop figure retailer.

Let us know which Dragon ball Z Pop Figures you would consider picking up.

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