Dune Pop Figures Coming Soon

Dune Pop Figures

The most valuable asset and element in the galaxy is the driving force for fans.

No it is not Spice, rather it will be the Dune Pop Figures created by the collectible giant Funko that is sure to be on everyone’s list.

When it comes to collectibles based on movies, they can be a mixed bag. Sometimes they bring in characters folks love from the 007 series. Other times, they can MIB International. We are hoping for the first option when it comes to this newest lineup.

The following character will be part of the set.

  • Paul Atreides  **Chase
  • Lady Jessica
  • Duncan Idaho
  • Duke Leto
  • Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
  • Paul Atreides  **Target Exclusive

Here are a couple of images to peak your interest.

We are not over whelmed with the choices, but we can see why Funko went with them. The sane thing goes for the Target exclusive, which we expect to be one of the more sough after pieces.

Personally we think a Feyd Pop figure would have been interesting to see in this lineup.

You can expect to see these Pop Figures on shelves around January 2021. Perfect time for fans to pick them up after the movie comes out. 

Are you going to pick up any of the Dune Pop figures?

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