Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Hopes

Honor Among Thieves Hopes

The new trailer has given us hope, but is that a good thing?

Our Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Hopes may not be unique but feel they are necessary for a successful movie. 

Yes, the movie is going to be a Must See in 2023, but there are a few things we need to make sure it is a success in our eyes. Most of which comes from our time playing the roleplaying game.

  • We would love to see a secondary character die, but the actor/actress returns to a later point in the movie as a different character. This would pay homage to those times when our character bit the dust but the DM allowed us to play a new character.


  • There should be a mix of the real and fantasy worlds. Maybe we see the occasional cut scene where the actual players are hunkered around the table discussing their next course of action.


  • More accuracy than not when it comes to abilities, classes, and creatures (Owl Bear especially).


  • Hoping there are going to be more characters than just humanoids. The world of Dungeons and Dragons is an immersive one, the movie should be too.


  • We do like that the main character is not a rogue or another typical class. The choice of a Bard classic has given us high hopes in terms of story telling. Perhaps they use the class to have the story mimic what we saw in previous films like the Princess Bride?

The movie is expected to be released in March 2023.

What are your Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Hopes?

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