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Electro in the MCU Gives Us Mixed Feelings

Electro in the MCU

If anyone said this was a possibly, we would have said you were crazy.

In the last week, it was leaked that Jamie Foxx was going to reprise his villainous role as Electro is brought into the MCU.

To say this caught us off guard, but the more we thought about it, the more confused we got. Was he going to be the same Electro that faced off against Garfield? Was he going to appear as a different Electro? Or was this a clever ruse by Marvel and Disney.

The more we slept on it, our thoughts went all over the place. We do have a few concerns if they end up doing this.

The Wrong Way

We would love the appearance of the Sinister Six but at what cost? We do not think bringing Electro over to accomplish this is the right idea. We would prefer to see them put their own spin on the character. Sure we would love to see the old green and yellow outfit, but we know that may not be realistic. 

Perhaps if they wanted to stick with a more modern twist, they could let the electricity spark out and give the illusion to his classic costume. Either way, we think there is a lot of potential there if done right. 

Which leads us to our next point.

The Right Way

If they plan on having Jamie Foxx reprise his role, then we would want to see it as a multiverse of sorts. Marvel teased us with the second movie and the arrival of Mysterio.  Perhaps this is the way they could bring in some of our favorite characters who are still being held in limbo. 

Don’t get us wrong. We do not want to see a live version of Into the Spiderverse. but with how the Avengers were hoping around in time, maybe they screwed something up and brought out the multiverse. 

There is still plenty of time before the next Spider-man movie comes out, we will be sure to share our thoughts when similar things arise.

What are your thoughts on Electro in the MCU?

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