Exclusive Justice League Action Figures

Justice League All Stars

Power Boy and I came across a cool discovery at our local Target. Exclusive DC Justice League action figures.

To say we were surpised would be an understatement. For the most part, Marvel has been the dominate force between the two when it comes to their actions figures.

Whether you are a fan of DC or not, you need to check this figures out.

Justice League Batman

The individual figures you can find are Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Lex Luthor. There is a Justice League All Star pack, which comes with Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman.

In my opinion, they are better than the other DC characters we have come across. For starters, they do not have the peg holes on their shoulders or legs to attach devices. They also did a nice job with the uniforms.

The only knock we have right now is the broad chests every male character seems to have.

The seven figure set runs $49.99 while the individual action figures are $7.99.

Overall these prices are reasonable and should have no problem staying on the shelves for too long, which is something we can not say for the chance of a potential Justice League movie.

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