Eye Brawl and Thumpback Nearing Release Date

Skylander Giant Thumpback

In case you have heard, Eye Brawl and Thumpback, from Skylanders Giants have been spotted at Gamestops across the country since the beginning of last week.

Power Boy and I were excited because these are two of the Giants we have wanted to play from the start.

After visiting several Gamestops, we realized there was a problem, each Gamestop has received at a maximum of two each.

Skylander Giant Eye Brawl

Last night we tried one more time but to no avail. That is when the manager in a local Michigan Gamestop offered to give me a call if either of the two Giants showed up when his stock arrived.

He said he could not hold them but would give me a 30 minute window to get in.

The manager also shared a bit of good news. He said that if he did not hear from him within three days, do not worry because Eye Brawl and Thumpback are set to be released to all of their distrubutors on January 27th.

Yup, so keep your eyes open at your big box retailers if you have not managed to pick them up yet.

** UPDATE  ** We were able to pick up Eye Brawl at a Target in SE Michigan on 1.28.13.

** UPDATE ** We were able to grab Thumpback at a Gamtesop in SE Michigan on 2.4.13

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