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Fan Favorite Ben 10 Return to Cartoon Network

We could not have been more excited when we heard the official press release stating the animated Ben 10 return to the Cartoon Network will happen.

The boy with the Omnitrix, Ben 10, has spawned 4 animated series, 2 live action movies, 1 animated moves, toy lines, video games, not to mention the creative juices of Power Boy.

The awesome Stu Carter from Atamaii broke the news here and went into detail about the plans.

There are a few take-a-ways from his report that really stuck out to us about the Ben 10 return.

For starters, it seems we have some time to wait until we get to see it. The new Ben 10 will kick off worldwide in the Fall of 2016 with the first North America show in 2017.

While this does sound disappointing at first, we are excited to know it seems they are going to be leaning towards mobile content. This may allow us in the States to get to it quicker.

Another thing of interest about the Ben 10 return id the switch made from Bandai to Playmates with the toy line. Bandai has been around from the beginning so it will be interesting to see how Playmate handles Ben 10.

They have done a decent job with the TMNT action figures and playsets for the young and old. So we have faith they should put out some quality merchandise for fans of the series.

Anyone else excited to see Ben 10 return to Cartoon Network

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