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Fan Service is Okay for Movies

Warner Bros Plan

Sometimes there are things you can not avoid with movies.

Return of popular movie franchises remind us how important fan service is but there are ways to do it right.

We have seen companies, like Warner Bros and others, reach back into the vault and bring back movies from our childhood. Two of the better examples are the recent Star Wars movies and Ghostbusters.

Star Wars

The Force Awakens saw plenty of familiar faces while putting the fate of the universe in the hands of a new cast. They even went so far as to slow dispatch the older characters to ensure fans would gravitate to the new ones.


The franchise took an interesting approach in 2016 when they created a reboot of sorts with a new cast with sneaky tie ins to the original movies. While the movie was decent, most did not welcome the change.

This lead to the recent Ghostbusters Afterlife. They followed some of the same formula of Force Awakens by bringing in old characters to blend with the new ones but without the dreadful outcome.


The issue arises when the studios are trying to appease two different demographics, the nostalgic ones and the virgin audience. 

While this is a good way to bring in money from both groups, they run the risk of not focusing enough to continue the draw.  Sometimes studios would be better served if they focused on one group and make the move solely for them.

In the end, there is no ultimate right or wrong answer because we are all different. 

What do you think of Fan Service in movies?

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