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Fast X Theory

Fast cars and who knows what else.

A new move means it is time to share our Fast X Theory on what is going to shock fans of the franchise when the movie comes out.

Though we had previously discussed why the Fast & Furious franchise should drive off into the sunset, this thought sounded interesting.

Our first theory was part of it would take place under water. We thought this would be a nice nod to the villain being played by Jason Momoa. But then we remembered the team went into space. This would make it feel like a strep back.

Then we saw the clip with Cipher and Letty and thought of the movie Face-Off. But this felt off.

The answer is staring us in the face the entire time.

Since the movie is going to be a two-part, then what is the best cliffhanger they can create to bring people back?

Time for some character deaths.

We have seen some die in the past but they always seem to come back. Maybe the bold move is to have Dom die saving his son. This would have folks talking about the movie.

But we can’t have the dead remain that way in XI. We think the idea of Time Travel might be a bit too much, but maybe some kind of resurrection pit?

Either way, we don’t think Dom will remain dead. He will be back at the end of XI and the family will be whole.

In the end, who knows what is going to happen. All we know is the movie will be sure to outdo the previous ones.

Do you have a Fast X Theory?

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