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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Our Favorite 2016 SDCC Funko Exclusives


In the past, Funko has made a splash at the San Diego Comic Con with their collection, and this year looks like they are at it again with some amazing items.

Fans of all ages will be swarming the booth to get a chance to grab a 2016 SDCC Funko exclusive to add to their collections.

We could be here for days going over what will be available, so we decided to pick out our favorite 2016 SDCC Funko exclusive items.


 2016 SDCC Funko Indiana Jones

Pop Indiana Jones with Idol

The only thing better would have been if they could include a giant boulder.



2016 SDCC Funko Thumbs Up BB-8


Pop Thumbs Up BB-8

This little guy just about stole the show when he gave the thumbs up.


2016 SDCC Funko Stan Lee

Dorbz Stan Lee

No better way than to celebrate the man who has created an amazing universe.



2016 SDCC Funko Doctor Strange with Rune


Pop Doctor Strange With Rune

Not sure about you, but we are bouncing in our seats for this movie.


2016 SDCC Funko Golden Freddy


FNAF Golden Freddy

He can terrorize you even more in this golden form.



Those are just a few of what Funko will be offering. You can check out the rest of their SDCC Exclusive items here.

Let us know if you have any favorite from the 2016 SDCC Funko collection.

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