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Our Favorite Justice League Rumors

Five Musts for the Justice League

The movie is less than a few weeks away and the excitement is building.

We wanted to take a look at some of our favorite Justice League rumors that we have found across the various social media outlets.

The thing with movie rumors is the majority of them turn out to be false, which can be a good thing.

We decide to look at different ones and discuss those Justice League rumors that caught our attention.

Darkseid will be the true villain

Steppenwolf has been hyped to be the villain of the upcoming Justice League but fans know it will eventually fall on the shoulders of Darkseid. We would prefer to see Steppenwolf be the baddie through the film rather than a swerve.

Appearance of Nightwing

While we are likely to see other cameos (See below), the one we would like mention of in the movie would be Nightwing. We have seen what happened to Jason Todd, and there was a grave for Grayson. But a Nightwing movie was announced so perhaps they can throw fans a bone?

An Actual Ending

The biggest issue we have seen with these massive movies is they sometimes end with  cliffhanger. Looking at you BvS. Let’s close out the movie on the right note and give an ending. There is no need to let fans hang on to see what happens.

Revamped Green Lantern Appearance

It has long been circulated that Green Lantern will make an appearance as the 7th member of the Justice League. We think this is especially important to the franchise but so is selecting the right one. No doubt, it should be John Stewart.

Hall of Justice

We don’t expect to see this in the beginning of the film, but it would be great to see the concept being brought life at the end. Or maybe even a mention of it. The Hall of Justice is an iconic image tied to the Justice League.

What are your favorite Justice League rumors?

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