February 2022 Bootleg Toys

Bootleg Action Figures

When you think of bootleg action figures, you are not always prepared to what you will see.

The February 2022 Bootleg Toys features figures from some of the biggest franchises out there, though it may not be clear when you see it.

We wanted to keep things rolling after our January 2022 edition with more action figures from some of our favorite franchises.  From Batman, Avengers, and Ghostbusters, there have been some iconic ones made over the years.

These are not those.

  • Super Heroes Justice League
  • Revengers
  • Spook Chasers
  • Action Heroes


This four selection this month did make things difficult. Whether we go with the god awful card designs or the inability to even come close to the actual names, there was plenty wrong with these action figures.

In the end, we have to go with the Super Heroes Justice League as our favorite Bootleg toys. What pushed it over the top is the addition of three different franchises all rolled into one.

Let us know which of the February 2022 Bootleg Toys are your favorite.

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