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Fighting Games: Style or Substance?

Style or Substance?

Time to settle the old age question in fighting games.

When it comes to fighting games and style or substance, which hill will you stake your flag on to defend?

Over the years, we have seen fighting games change from the basic Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Now games like Injustice bring out more complex characters and backgrounds.

Now there is more to consider when it comes to selecting a character to main. Do you side with their fighting style or do you prefer a more developed character. 


First there is style, which we are referring to the character’s fighting style. Maybe you have a preference for a Rush Down character or a 50/50. Sure we have seen some styles come and go but for the most part, games stick with the basic ones. This makes it easier for player to decide who to pick up when starting.

 I will confess, this is my first go to when selecting a character. If their fighting style does not mesh with the character, it can be a hard journey ahead. There have been times when I broke out of my mold and tried new characters with mixed results. I prefer characters with a decent zoner attack and steer clear of those who need to get in close. 


This is a new consideration when it comes to character selection. Something that has started in recent years as video game creators started to focus on developing comprehensive backgrounds to go with their fighters. 

This does provide more of an attachment to the character. Besides how could you like playing a character who you down right detest? JG13 Gamer subscribes to Substance over Style. There have been character in the past where he picked them on their background and learned to play their style.

In the end, we could not decide which one gained the upper edge. Guess it would depend on who you asked on any given day. We did find out most people do weigh these options when picking a new character. 

Which way do you lean with your fighting games, style or substance?

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