First Look Lego Captain America Civil War Sets

Possible Spoilers Thanks to Lego Captain America Civil War Sets

The 2016 Lego catalog was released, giving us a chance to check out the new Lego Captain America Civil War sets to be released in the Spring.

The first set to look at is Crossbones Hazard Heist, which will feature Black Widow and Falcon. Some are speculating this may be the opening scene to the movie.

Another intriguing one is the Black Panther Pursuit. This gives us the first glimpse of Black Panther to go along with Captain America and the Winter Solider. We had high hopes when watching the Captain America Civil War Trailer.

Lego-Marvel-Super-Heroes-Captain-America-Civil-War-Airport-BattleOne of the Lego sets with potential spoilers for the movie is Super Hero Airport Battle. The set appears to be where one of the battles between both sides of the Avengers takes place. You have Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Iron Man, Captain America, Winter Solider, Black Widow, and Ant-Man.

If you look close enough, you can see what we are referring too. Actually you do not need to look too close since you see a rather large Ant-Man. Perhaps this is his alter persona of Giant Man?

Lego-Marvel-Super-Heroes-Iron-Skull-Sub-AttackOne of the more interesting sets is the Iron Skull Sub Attack set mainly because it does not appear to be tied tot he movie. It features the Red Skull in a submarine with a Hydra figure to go head on with Iron man and Captain America.

We are not sure which ones we will be picking up, but I am sure a few of them will find their way home.

What do you think of these new Lego Captain America Civil War sets?

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