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First Thoughts: Wildflower and TV Head

Wildflower and TV Head

Did the new character have what it takes to impress us?

After playing Wildflower and TV Head during the past week, we wanted to share our first thoughts on how they will fit in the game.

We were excited when PopCap announced new characters for Battle for Neighborville, and we finally had a chance to play them thanks to a week long event. After getting in some time in on them, we wanted to share our thoughts on the characters from the new Swarm class.


We absolutely love what they did with the new mechanics for these characters. It truly feels unique when you are running in a swarm of plants or zombies. 

Though they are mostly the same characters, we do notice some difference when it comes to their third button ability. We were worried TV dinner might be too overpowered but it is not super accurate. The Bloom Boom for the Wildflower seems more useful with the splash damage.


The drones. At first they were not too bad to deal with. It changed once we we were able to upgrade them with quicker speed. Oh, we are not sure what they were thinking with the drones being able to receive the health upgrades. 

We are hoping the issue we experienced with the drones are just because of the excessive use of them by both sides.

Maybe they can reduce the speed or the drone’s ability to receive health or defensive benefits.

This leads us to our last category. 


The big question is where do the new character rank in terms of the rest of the plants and zombie. After playing them some, it appears they will be more situational.

They should be able to strive in Turf, specifically on the attack tea. They will have a better chance to blend in with AI, gain more benefit from their armor, and apply pressure.

We see them struggling in Team Vanquish because of the lack of NPCs. The only exception might be if more players on your team select TV Head or Wildflower. 

In the end, we think these character will do some good for BFN  therefore it should help the game go in the right direction.

Let us know what you think of Wildflower and TV head if you had a chance to play them this past wee.

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