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Our Five Favorite Spider-man Villains

Spider-man Villains

Since great power comes with great responsibility, you had to expect some of the most creative and toughest villains would come out of the woodwork to test the web-slinger.

The Marvel icon has had a wide array of enemies to dispatch over the years so we thought it was time to discuss our favorite Spider-man villains.

We sat down and tried to decided the best way to tackle this. Did we want the villains who were the most dangerous or maybe the villains who brought more than one aspect to the table

IN the end, we decided to take a look at those villains who left their mark on on for whatever the reason.

With that being said, it is time for us to share our favorite Spider-man villains from the storied history in no particular order.


The moment we first saw Venom, the polar opposite of Spider-man, we knew this was going to be an tough battle for the hero. The symboite suit proved difficult to defeat since it knew the inner workings of Peter Parker. Things got interesting when Venom took on the anti-hero angle.



One of the most memorable villains from the early years, the Scorpion. The man developed a natural hatred for Spidey and J.J. and attempted on countless times to use his stinger to help silence them. He may have not always been the smartest one, but never let that get in his way.



Sure he got his start as a common criminal but once he bonded with the super Rhino suit, there was no holding him back. The ability for mass destruction with a few well placed slams of his headmakes this Spidey foe someone tough to tangle with.



Being a villain is not all about brute strength. The right amount of trickery and deception, can make the villain a tough foe for our hero. One of the best at that was Mysterio. The former stuntman/special effect wiz showed just how strong the mind can be.



In case you did not know, Carnage has a special place when it comes to Spider-man. The mere fact Spidey needed to team up with Venom to take him down says a lot about Carnage. He is more than a few screws lose which makes him difficult to combat.

Honorable Mention

There were so many other great ones that could have been added to the list, but just fell short for one reason or another. Doctor Octopus. Maybe it was his most recent incarnations that dropped him out of the top five, but it is hard to argue the four metal arms and the intelligence to match Parker’s.

There you have our five favorite villains for Spidey. Is there someone we left off the list?

Who are your favorite Spider-man Villains?


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