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Our Five Favorite WWE Wrestlers

After some heavy WWE 2K16 action, now was the time to share our five favorite WWE wrestlers.

The first thing we realized is just how many favorite WWE wrestlers there have been over the year, so it was hard to chose.

Whether they are from the old WWF days to the newer generations, Vince McMahon has done an amazing job of gathering talent for his sports entertainment business.

After plenty of discussions, we finally came up with our favorite WWE wrestlers. Here they are in no particular order.

John Cena – The face of the company and the man everyone has an opinion on. Either you love him or hate him, there appears to be no in between. Some say he is too clean and is a company shill but it is hard to deny the positive impact he has had on the younger viewing audience. Either way, we have come to respect the man who has been a focal point for the WWE in recent years.

Junkyard Dog This is a personal favorite of Legendary Dad from his younger days. JYD capture my interest when I first started watching and has stuck with me ever since thanks to his persona and wrestling style in the ring.

Sting The Franchise was the man who carried WCW and stayed until the bitter end. Whether it was his beginning persona or the vigilante one, Sting had a flair about him. He had a solid set of moves and always seemed to bring the best out of his opponents.

APA No list about WWE wrestlers would be completed without a tag team in the mix and there were none better than APA. Bradshaw and Farooq had the perfect entrance and were just plain monsters in the ring. Oh how could you not like their theme song.

The Usos The brothers were the first tag we had a chance to see when we were reintroduced to the WWE. We like their energy, high flying acts, and their overall image. We felt the Tag Team Division took a step back when they were gone during for most of 2015.

Who are your favorite WWE wrestlers?

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