Five Favorite Zombies from PvZ 2

We wanted to share with you our list of five favorite zombies from PvZ 2. On the surface, this may seem easy but the more we thought about it, the harder it was.

Not only is PvZ 2 filled with all sorts of zombies, each one has it’s own unique way of causing destruction for our plants.

After some careful deliberating, we came up with our list of favorite zombies from PvZ 2.

1) Gargantuar Prime This beastly creation tops our list and how could e not? Not only is he different, he looks darn intimidating with those arms.

2) Gunpowder Devil This boss from Kung-Fu World earned a spot on our list thanks to his attack which consists of lobbing bombs that can do massive damage. Oh he looks darn cool.

3) Dr. Zomboss (Frostbite Caves Version) This favorite zombie from PvZ 2 found it’s way on to our list thanks to being hands down the best version of the evil mastermind. And defending his attacks was difficult.

4) Dark Age Gargantuar This entry into our lists of favorite zombies has to be the spookiest one on the list thanks to his executioner wardrobe. Even worse is the heavy hammer he carries with him.

5) Hammer Zombie Our final selection for favorite zombies from PvZ 2 captured our attention thanks to his appearance and the weapon he yields. Maybe you are sensing a pattern here.

Let us know you would are your five favorite zombies from PvZ 2 and why they are on your list.



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