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Five Musts for the Justice League Movie

Five Musts for the Justice League

The DC Comics team-up movie will be here before we know it but will it be a success?

The closer we get to this long await movie, the more we began to think our our musts for the Justice League movie if it will be a success.

Sure Batman vs Superman made money but there were a good deal of negative aspects to the movie. Yes, some of them were cleared up in the extended cut, but seeing it should not be a necessity.

We decided to sit down and figures out our musts for the Justice League to be a success in our eyes.

Joss Whedon Shining Through

Our hopes rose when he came on board to take over for Snyder. We do think Whedon will do a good job of changing the feel but keeping it separate enough from the Marvel Universe he worked on. If they studio executives let him do what he felt was needed, it should do wonders for the movie.


Revival of Aquaman

Truth be told, Legendary Dad has been a fan of Aquaman since back in the day. It is good to see the hero get the much needed revamped looked for the big screen. So far through the various trailers, the new take on him seems to be pushing Aquaman in the right direction.

Better Looking Cyborg

Cyborg is a new character to the DC movieverse and were excited to see him brought over. The problem we have is not the character but the overuse of CGI with the character. Several times during the trailer we were less than impressed with how he looked. CGI has it’s uses, but it should not used as a crush.

Limited Scope

One of the biggest issues we had with BvS was they were trying to cram too much into the movie. To the point where you had to watch the extended cut to get the most out of it. Not sure whose fault it was, but hope this is not an issue this time around. We have seen some hopes for this, like with the removal of Lex Luthor.


True Justice League Movie

One of the reason Avengers was a success had to do with the team coming together as a cohesive unit. This is something Justice League need. We want to see all heroes come together by the end of the film. We do not need to see a sequel to Batman vs Superman.

If our list manages to come true, we think the movie will end up exceeding expectations. Otherwise we are not sure where it will end up.

Are there any must for the Justice League that are on your list?

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