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Five Takeaways from PvZGW2 Early Access

It is bigger, badder, and earlier.

We had a chance to play PvZGW2 Early Access and wanted to share with you our top five takeaways.

When we found out for only $4.99 to join Origins Access, we would get a jump on the action from the upcoming release, it was hard to say know.

While we were able to play the game for ten hours, we will also be able to keep the coins and levels we earned from our gameplay.

On to our takeaways for PvZGW2 early access.

  • We had a blast playing the new character classes. Right now, our favorites on the Zombies are the Imp and the Plants side has to be Kernel Corn.
  • Solo Ops has a lot of potential when it comes tot he Crazy setting. Some of the things you can select things like Unlimited ammo, Low health, and Everything Explodes.
  • Backyard battlegrounds looks to be a rousing success. We like the chance to explore an area outside of the hubs where you can take on PCs, NPCs, and Bosses for either side.
  • When it comes to the returning characters, a lot of them are still fun to play. We did not notice any big buffs or nerfs yet, so hopefully it stays that way.
  • There was one negative about the PvZGW2 early access. We tried to use the Sticker shop several on Thursday and were unable to do anything. Instead of buying new stickers, we had to restart the game or watch a loading screen. We spend a good thirty minutes or more trying to get it to work. Hopefully things are working better on release day.

Overall we had a blast playing the game and we are looking forward to playing more of it on this coming Tuesday.

If you had a chance to play PvZGW2 early access, let us know what you thought.



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