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Five Wrestlers You Love to Hate

Love to Hate

In the world of wrestling, heels play an important role in making sure the fans want to tune in each week.

Fans have never had a shortage of wrestlers they love to hate but it does not mean anyone can do the job right.

It takes a certain kind of wrestler to get the fans worked up to the point where the loathe every part of them. One who can get fans worked up with a few words or actions in the ring.

To help comprise the list, we decided to take a look at wrestlers from the past to the present. We came up with our top five favorite wrestlers we love to hate.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Seth Rollins

Wen we started watching wrestling, it was when Rollins did the major heel turn and broke up the shield on RAW. From that moment on, he had a special place in our hearts, actually the bottom of them. Sure it did not help he reminded us of Goldilocks with his hair.Even without it, he is a wrestler we love to hate.

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Back in the day, either you loved the man or hated him. There was  no in between.The man was a big reason Hulk Hogan became one of the top wrestlers in the history of WWE. When Piper’s Pit came about, it was a must watch and became the inspiration for the current day variations.

The MizLove to Hate

Maybe it is the smug look on his face or how he comes across when doing promos. There is something about the Miz that drives fans to that special place. We tend to find ourselves rooting for whichever wrestler is going against the canoe.

Nature Boy Ric Flair

The man was at the top of his game on the mic and did it like no other. The same thing applied to his in ring ability, even when he cheated to win once or a hundred times. There is a reason he won the title sixteen times. The legend has started to carry over to his daughter Charlotte as she takes on the heel role in the Women’s Division.

Mr. Perfect

Curt Henning could do no wrong, well at least that is what he always said. It did not matter if he was in the ring or out. Of course, it did not help to have the Brain as his manager. Mr. Perfect had a way to get under the skin of wrestling fans. While he is no longer with us, it is good to see his son trying his best with the heel approach.

Heels will always hold a place in the hearts of wrestling fans. Oh, you can check out our favorite wrestlers if you missed it last time.

Let us know which wrestlers are the ones you love to hate.

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