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Fixing the Video Game Industry

video game industry

Changes need to be made.

Over the past year, the video game industry began to show their true colors and show consumers their underlying problems. 

Where does the problem lie?

Some people will say the problem is with the developers.

You have some developers who will tease players to place a pre-order for a special character. Like we saw for Mortal Kombat 11.

the problem comes in when the special character is absolute garbage when compared to the rest of the roster. Time and time again they ignore the issues with the character so he remains at the bottom of the tier lists.

Or there is a developer out there who misleads customers, like with Cyberpunk 2077.

They proclaim the game will work like wonders on the older systems. Things changes when it is released and you are lucky to have 5 FPS while running on an older console. The game is completely unplayable and to the point where the major companies take it off their online stores.

A lot of the issues can be solved by one side, the consumer.

Despite what the companies feel, we are the ones who have the power.

We have control whether we buy a pre-order or wait until the game comes out. Heck, even wait a few weeks to make sure the game is free of major bugs or glitches.

If the consumers decide to hold back their hard earned dollars, maybe we can get a better product that we all can enjoy. Perhaps they will stop releasing games with bugs galore or give consumers a real bonus when it comes to pre=orders.

Either way, the companies will start to take notice and hopefully correct their ways. 

What do you think would fix the issues with the video game industry?

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