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FNAF Pop Figures Coming This October


As Five Night’s at Freddy has continued to grow among the mainstream, Funko has decided to take a stab at these creepy creations.

The FNAF Pop Figures are long overdue by Funko but it does not make them any less desirable to the legions of fans. .

The world of FNAF has been ever expanding with McFarlane Toys entering the fray and the abundance of Halloween costumes. So it makes sense for Funko to release this line.

The following FNAF Pop figures have been created to take our money.

  • Freddy
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • Foxy the Pirate
  • Nightmare Freddy
  • Springtrap (Gamestop Exclusive)
  • Toy Freddy (Wal-mart Exclusive)
  • Funtime Foxy (Gamestop Exclusive)
  • Shadow Freddy (Hot Topic Exclusive)
  • Shadow Bonnie (Target Exclusive)


Here are some images courtesy of Funko for the upcoming FNAF Pop figures.

FNAF Pop BonnieFNAF Pop ChicaFNAF PopFNAF Pop Springtrap





FNAF Pop Funtime FoxyFNAF Pop Nightmare FreddyFNAF Pop Shadow BonnieFNAF Pop Shadow Freddy





The standard FNAF figures are what you would expect, but things really begin to shine through are with the exclusive ones. Nightmare Freddy looks wicked and there is something about Funtime Foxy.

You can expect to see these new figures from Funko just in time for Halloween.

Let us know what you think of Funko’s FNAF Pop figures.

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