FNAF Twisted Ones Pop Figures

FNAF Twisted Ones Pop Figures

Prepare for some Twisted Ones from Funko.

The collectible giant is dropping a new Pop Figure line featuring the characters from FNAF Twisted Ones Pop figures.

We are glad to see Funko went with another direction with these Pop Figures. The last bunch we saw were run of the mill standard figures except for their ability to Glow in the Dark.

JG13 Gamer completed a review of the upcoming FNAF Twisted Ones Pop Figures.

The Twisted Fox Pop Figures has some potential along with Twisted Foxy. The remainder of the characters are a mixed bag at best.

Funko will be releasing these FNAF figures shortly so make sure to visit your local hunting ground.

Which of these FNAF Twisted Ones Pop Figures would you consider picking up?

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