Funko Dark Knight Imposters Are A Hit


Funko is giving us some of Batman’s greatest villains with a new Dark Knight Imposters line of Pop figures.

We have read how some folks are not keen on Funko going a different direction with their Pop figures, but we have to say the new Dark Knight Imposter line is a hit.

You may have seen their test run, the Joker from an Loot Crate pack back 2014-2015.

They have decide to break down the villains of the Dark Knight and mesh them with him.

The new line is going to contain the following Dark Knight Imposters.

  • The Penguin
  • The Riddler
  • Two-Face
  • Scarecrow
  • Poison Ivy
  • Harley Quinn 1 / 2


Right now, our favorite ones are Two-Face, Scarecrow, and the Penguin.

The word is Funko may branch out and try something similar with Marvel.

Either way, here are some images of the new figures.


Funko Dark Knight Imposter Penguin

Funko Dark Knight Imposter Riddler


Funko Dark Knight Imposter ScarecrowFunko Dark Knight Imposter Two Face










Funko Dark Knight Imposter Poison IvyFunko Dark Knight Imposter Harley Quinn 1
















Let us know what you think of the these Dark Knight Imposters from Funko.

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