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Funko Releasing Pop Flash Gordon

Funko is releasing new figures, Pop Flash Gordon, to help celebrate one of the most underrated movies.

While we know some of you may have not heard of the movie since it came out in 1980, we are glad Funko is giving it some love.

The movie was loosely based on the first years of the comic strip and changed up some things to give it more of an appeal to the masses. While it did not hit the mark at first, over the years it has gained cult status.

How could it not with some of the cast of characters and the overall feel of the movie. I would highly recommend checking out Flash Gordon if you have not. One word of advice, keep in mind when the movie was produce when it comes to the special effects.

Funko is going to feature the following characters from the movie.

  • Flash Gordon
  • Ming the Merciless
  • Prince Vultan
  • General Klytus

We are a bit disappointed to see some of the other key characters missing, like Prince Barin and Dr. Hans Zarkov, but we are still happy none the less.

You can check out the images of the figures Funko is going to release.

Pop Flash GordonPop Flash Gordon







Pop Flash GordonPop Flash Gordon








You can expect to see these new figures on the shelves around July.

Would you give these Pop Flash Gordon figures a spot on your shelf?

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