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Funko Target Con 2021 Coming Soon

Funko Target Con 2021

Funko is expanding their presence.

The company is launching Funko Target Con 2021 on Feb 26th with a slew of Pop figures that will be exclusive to the merchant.

We liked how Target handled special releases for Skylanders, and they appear to be getting more on board with Funko. The two paired up to created a special event where a series of special figures will be released to the merchant.

Here are the figures that are available for pre-order.

  • Target Con Bullseye
  • Clue’s Colonel Mustard with Revolver
  • Candyland’s Lord Licorice
  • Flocked Tails
  • Deluxe Master of the Universe: Skeletor on Throne
  • The Simpsons’ Otto Man
  • 10 ” Silver Metallic Pikachu

Here is what is available for pre-order prior to the release date.

To be clear, we do like the approach Target is taking with Funko, but we are concerned about some of the selections they made.

Outside of Bullseye and Skeletor, some of the choices are meh at best. One of the biggest ones we question is the Pickachu. We do enjoy the 10″ one, but not sure why it needs to be silver metllic. A few of the choices seem less than inspired and might be just part of the business deal. In the end, the one we might pick up is Skeletor on a Throne. 

They plan on releasing more figures prior to the launch date, so make sure to check out Target for updates.

Are you going to try and pick up anything from Funko Target Con 2021?

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