Future Wii U Owners Will Get Mario Kart 8

Nintendo has announced future WiiU owners will be getting Mario Kart 8 when they purchase their new unit.

This does not come as a surprise, since Nintendo has been working on various ways to increase the sales of the WiiU systems, which has not lived up to expectations.

In addition to the game being part of the bundle, new owners will receive a two Mario Kart 8 DLC packs to use at the Nintendo eShop

You can pick up the new bundle at Nintendo or other retails for $299.00.

But does this mean the addition of Mario Kart 8 will increase sales of the Wii U?

Sure Mario Kart is a great gaming series, but honestly we do not see this newest bundle doing a lot for sales of the floundering video game system.

But we could be wrong, only time will tell.

Let’s us know what you think of Nintendo adding Mario Kart 8 to the Wii U.

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