G.I. Joe Classified Series Destro is a Welcome Sight

G.I. Joe Classified Series Destro

Knowing is half the battle.

Hasbro has expanded one of their newest lines with the upcoming release of the G.I. Joe Classified Series Destro figure. 

Hasbro has done a decent job in recent years when it came to action figures. From their vintage Marvel characters to Batman. This release caught our attention because of the G.I. Joe franchise. it was one of the three favorites I had growing up. 

The highly articulated figure will stand six inches and come with the following accessories.

  • Communication Case
  • Laser Pistol
  • Golden Blaster

Here are a few images of Destro to get a better idea.

We love the decision Hasbro made to go with the six inch figure. Sure it could have been manageable with a 5 inch figure, but it feels different. Another great choice was the design of the character. Hasbro focused on the original design with minor updates to give it a more modern feel./ 

The MSRP is in line with other similar figures. The only knock we would see is the lack of accessories. There is not much you can do with the two pistols and the communication case.

You can preorder the Destro figure for $19.99 and expect to see it around the Summer of 2020. 

Let us know if you would consider picking up the G.I. Joe Classified Series Destro figure.

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